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Inb4: YouTube, there's your problem.

So this morning I left a comment to another person noting how we're both atheists subscribed to a channel that was a bit religious. This was on a random video on YouTube, and what the video was about is irrelevant. 

I come back six hours later, and find this gem of a comment:

"Actually it is: ) Atheism is the religious belief that there is no God"


Okaaaay, I'm definitely interested to see what her case is, so I read on. Other people have joined in telling her that atheism isn't a religion, and asking her for citations. Her responses?

</span>"I don't why I'm in this argument, because I'm not even an atheist, but its a fact that is actually is a religion."</span>

"Atheism isn't NOT believing in something. Its believing that there isn't a god. NOT believing in anything is called being an agnostic, not an atheist. A religion is style of living, or a world view. Which atheism is."


At this point, many people are asking for sources and citations. Many are also trying to correct her. She has not provided any sources thus far. 

However, she goes on to say:

"Okay, dude, you need to chill. I never said I was a Christian. I never said I was an atheist. I never said anything against atheism or Christianity. I actually did consult a dictionary, and it says nothing about being religious or non religious. I did some more research, and actually found out for a fact that it is a religion. But this is stupid, cuz it doesn't matter."

"Oh and, everything I've said so far is fact. Just so you know: )"


Okay, just some simple dictionary searches come up with this:



Clearly, atheism is not a religion. And neither is agnosticism. How would someone even come to that conclusion? None of these three things are the same. 

By the end of this discussion, she still hadn't linked any sources. :grump:

TLDR: A person on YouTube claimed that atheism is a religion and agnosticism is not believing in anything. :iconheaddeskplz:

Scenario: Say you're in a situation where a person starts flirting with you. Either that or they just approach you. This person then asks you for your number.

Which do you think is more appropriate, someone asking you for your number, or that someone giving you their number? Would you feel more comfortable with them giving you their number, etc?

Personally, I'd rather they give me their number. At least I can toss it if I'm not interested. :P When I'm asked for my number by a complete stranger, I feel more uncomfortable. Even if I am a little interested, I don't want to end up giving my number to someone who will call/text me a million times a day and all night asking why I'm not responding and/or begging me to go out with them.

Then again, I could be biased here. I like to get to actually know the person first before I start dating them. 

Anyway, let me know what you think! :la:
I'm getting really tired of people telling me that I have to respect their religion, when they don't even respect my lack of religion. 

Maybe I shouldn't even be complaining about this. I'm sure that some of you are going to be insulted, but I'm trying to be as polite as I can about this. But goddammit, this is pissing me off! :iconstareexplodeplz:

It really bugs me when people tell me "Don't insult my religion! Take it seriously!" and then ask me questions like "Do you have, like, morals?" :stare:

I see a lot of posts like "If your friend is Christian and suffering from a loss of a loved one, you should tell them that they're in heaven now, it doesn't matter if you're not religious", "I'm giving you respect, so respect my religion!" on Tumblr (Yea yea, I know, lots of Tumblr complaints recently, but Tumblr is only part of it)

First, let's clarify something. No, I am not required to respect your religion. However, I will respect you, because you're a nice person and/or it's a decent thing to do. I'd be horrified if you hated chocolate, but that doesn't mean I won't respect you as a person (I have a friend who detests chocolate, but she's one of my closest friends). 

And second, strangely enough, I never see posts about respecting people who are not religious. So apparently it's okay to make someone who's not religious participate in your religious traditions, but it's completely wrong to not to say grace at dinner with someone who's religious. Double standards much? 

Personally, I feel uncomfortable telling someone that they'll go to heaven after they die, or to say grace. I feel awkward doing it, because I don't believe it, and it isn't sincere. And I don't want to tell someone something, or do something that has no meaning to me when it's very important to them. I feel like I'm being disrespectful just by participating. 

Hell, this wouldn't even bug me so much if people actually respected the fact that I'm an atheist when they tell me to respect their religion. If you want me to respect your religion, I would appreciate the same respect for my lack of it.

And if you don't respect the fact that I'm an atheist, fine. That doesn't bug me. Just don't demand that I respect your religion. And the fact is that I don't respect religion I'm sorry, I know this will make a lot of people uncomfortable, but it's the truth. But that doesn't mean that I'm going to be mean or disrespectful to you</i>. Most people I know are religious, some even extremely so. But we still enjoy each others company!

TL;DR: I hate it when people demand "Respect my religion!!1!" when they don't respect my atheism. :grump:

Bonus complaint: So many people don't fact check. Sigh. 

Anti-complaint: I have homemade guacamole! :la:
Blink Blink .:For Tangerineandpuce:. by ArtisticPages
Super cool! I love, love, love this!

Oh, where to start. First, the post is fantastic. It's cheecky, flirty, and even a bit sneaky. Perfect for describing a cat. The texture really stands out to me, though I can't really explain why. It almost seems like a tissue paper kind of texture to me. Different, but creative!

The fur patterns are really cute. I love it when drawings of cats have slightly shaggy fur, and it was done really well here. The tail is fluffly, the cheeks look shaggy yet elegant, the tuft of fur on the head adds to the sassy-ness, and the fur on the front legs is very realistic.

The pattern/design on the cat itself is very nice. The color compliments the white very nicely, and the pattern is simple, yet pleasing.

Also, love the wink! Perfect touch!
.:Sleeping Angel-Fish:. For lucie45 by ArtisticPages
The textures really make this piece stand out. I can't really describe the texture, but it is very appealing to the eyes.

The colors perfectly compliment each other: The turqoise/mint green/light blue (I'm not sure what shade it is ahaha /*shot*) works smoothly with the light gray.

I also like the idea of a cat/mer-person with wings. It's so creative, different, and interesting! It's a strange combination, but it works!

The goggles are the perfect finishing touch. To me, personally, it gives off a steam-punk kind of vibe, but even if others don't see it that way, it's still really cool.

The sparkles are my favorite part though. Love them.


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Happy 14th birthday, dA! :happy birthday: birthday cake 

First, I'll start off with explaining why I love these particular artworks!

le Vilain Petit canard pensif by princekido 

I love this one because it's simple, yet beautiful. There aren't any bold colors, no extra fancy stuff. The pastels bring out a sense of calm, and the duck is, of course, adorable!

a bit more of the same by Apofiss

This one has deeper colors, but has a more mystical feeling to it. It looks so enchanting, and the water looks so enticing. I wish I could just jump into the picture, and be part of the magic. 

yuya matsushita by reignkaera

I like this one because of the realism and traditional art. The artists captures the person's face perfectly, and even enhanced it, I think. It's a very elegant and graceful drawing to my eyes. 

Tolkien:Lord of the middle earth by breathing2004

This one is absolutely STUNNING. I could stare at this picture for hours, and still find new details that I hadn't noticed before. The colors are beautiful, and the whole drawing reminds me of a stained-glass window. If I could get this as a stain-glass window, I definitely would! 

Rose petal 3 by hollyfieldsofgold

Simple, yet lovely. I never wear or like jewelry, but this one really stood out to me. It looks so realistic, like a real flower petal! And it looks so satiny and soft, it's simply stunning. The chain compliments the petal very well. 

Into the open air by TwilightSaphir

I choose this one because of the lighting, primarily. The way the artist shaded this drawing gives it an enchanted and mystical feeling. All in all, I think it's a very pretty artwork. I also like the flowing hair, and the dress. It just looks so . . . elegant!

Autumn Leaves Agate Necklace by Gilliauna

I LOVE rocks and gemstones. So I instantly was drawn to this necklace. The artist was very creative in using orange-y rocks for the tree, which makes it seem like an autumn tree. All the rocks are different, yet they compliment each other, and it creates a beautiful tree. The silver wire also compliments the artwork very well.

Free Bookworm Icon by cottoncritter
I have a big appreciation for pixel artists, and this one is one of my personal favorites. Simple colors, cute worm, and a book! An adorable little thing! 

1:12 Peanut Butter and Jelly with Pink Lemonade by Bon-AppetEats

I ADORE tiny food charms. I love, love, love them, and I had to include one of them here! I chose this one because the sandwiches look so realistic. So much so, in fact, that I want to eat them! The details are stunning, from the holes in the bread to the texture of the peanut butter and jelly. The crust is colored just right, to make it look even more realistic. 

I joined deviantART about three years now, and this is by far my favorite website. I love all the amazing artwork I find on here, the writing, and even the community. Congratulations, dA! 
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